MUONA is the web application intended for use by a health care professional for nutritional status screening, continuous nutritional care management, and follow-up of nutritional status parameters (eg. weight status, food intake, diet information). The target audience for the application are customers or residents of assisted living facilities, nursing homes, home care, or rehabilitation centers. It is designed primarily to be used with a tablet computer or a smartphone, with administrative tasks and reporting being done on a desktop or laptop.

Product Value

The management of an organization using MUONA can extract data and use it for measuring the quality of care and enhancing operating policies. The application classifies the customer's nutritional status based upon a validated nutrition screening tool, although it does not diagnose malnutrition. It also stores, archives, and converts data to a visual, cohesive format about parameters of nutritional status and changes of those over time. Using MUONA emphasizes the importance of nutritional care and illustrates the common threats that relate to deteriorated nutritional status, and is a foundation for high-quality nutritional care and management. Anonymized data can be used for scientific research and R&D purposes by the manufacturer of the software or parties authorized by the manufacturer, contributing to scientific knowledge on how to measure and influence practice to reduce malnutrition in the care sector.

MUONA key features

Using authorized and validated measurement tools, Muona provides an assessment schedule, recommendations, and a historical record of a resident’s nutritional status.

For individuals at risk of malnutrition, Muona offers regular meal tracking periods where the energy, fluid, and protein intake of those individuals are captured via an intuitive interface.

In addition to intake tracking, Muona combines its knowledge of a resident with well-established equations to offer up-to-date nutritional targets which are matched with the recorded intake information to alert nurses.

Regular recording of a resident’s weight allows Muona to alert if significant changes are occurring over a 6 month period, enabling additional monitoring processes.

Care home and organization management are able to produce automated reports on the general nutritional health within their unit to allow action to be taken rapidly if conditions change.

Client testimonials

"Ravistamo Ltd. was established in 2016. It offers nutritional consultancy services B2B, eg. nutritional therapy and various expert services related to nutrition. Ravistamo's main customers are healthcare and rehabilitation service providers. Its mission is to spread the joy of eating in all stages of life."


"Working with Nolwenture is smooth and efficient. Their professional approach to the technical development has made it easy for us as clients to only focus on the contents and let them take care of the execution."

-Kati Laine




Technically Significant Aspects

  • 1

    Following EU class I medical device regulations (MDR (EU) 2017/745).
  • 2

    A focus on the security and pseudonymization of resident data, keeping personally identifiable information isolated, and complying with GDPR.
  • 3

    Heavily tested with over 85% coverage with automated unit, integration, and end-2-end tests.
  • 4

    An attractive and highly usable interface, especially on smartphones and tablets, was achieved according to pilot user feedback, and not typical of similar medical applications.

User Interface