About Nolwenture Base

Nolwenture Base is a growing collection of development bases, from microservices and connected web services to web and mobile user interfaces. It enables faster development of complex systems and scalable solutions. Nolwenture Base relies on widely used modern open-sourced technologies (JavaScript, Node.js, Loopback, React, React Native, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, and Docker.)

The main value of Nolwenture Base

Programming languages and development frameworks are evolving faster than ever. Therefore, partial code rewrite and complete refactoring is a critical task, required for successful delivery and software maintenance. Nolwenture Base microservices help to simplify these complex processes, as well as ensure selecting the language and framework per service (e.g. Machine Learning services would likely be utilizing Python or R, Video streaming services might be written in Go or C).


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The main value of Nolwenture Base

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    Quality: Nolwenture Base is developed by highly skilled professionals.
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    Scalability: Every project is specific and needs a strong foundation composed according to the particular requirements. When using Nolwenture Base, you can scale up your development progress exactly for that specific project.
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    Flexibility: Nolwenture Base enables you to achieve results in a limited time, according to the requirements of your project or specific business operations.
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    Profitability: Meanwhile, an average process of development, from gathering requirements to deployment and maintenance requires approximately six months, building your product from the top of a pre-developed base can get you to a high level of proficiency at a reduced period of time.